Rolling Ad space for Houston business
Personal car/truck
Model: 2011 Honda Odyssey Mini van
Hours driven/day: More than 4 hours
Where it's driven: This is delivery car for my company as well as delivery car for GO-PUFF operating in Central Houston area with high concentration in RIVER OAKS, GREENWAY PLAZA, DOWNTOWN, MIDTOWN, WEST UNIVERSITY, BELLAIRE, GALLERIA UPTOWN, MUSEUM DISTRICT, TEXAS MEDICAL CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY, RICE UNIVERSITY and other areas extending as far as Galveston, Texas
Location: Houston, TX 77004
I am a Houston business owner in transportation and limousines since 1988 and know the importance of advertisement. This delivery car is constantly in the described mostly upscale areas of Houston and for the right business it can even be parked there to advertise when not in use. City of Houston charges hefty fee to display a sign outside but they cant charge you for what's on a vehicle outside your business. Ad space available on full rear, full rear and left & right windows & panels of rear wheels or even a complete body wrap but i must approve of what's on vehicle.
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