Our Story
Wouldn't it be great to make extra money by doing nothing? That's what our founders thought one day in 2020, as they sat at home waiting for an update on when the Covid lockdowns would lift.

More than ever, people needed a new way to pay their bills. Looking out the window, they saw someone walking a dog, wearing a sweater with the logo of the local doggie day care. The founders laughed at this cute dog in the cute sweater, and then bingo an idea! What if brands paid people to advertise on their stuff?! That would be the ultimate in grassroots marketing!

The founders got started, and a few months later, Promote Indie was born.
Who We Are Today
Promote Indie seeks to put extra money in people's pockets. Advertising has changed over the years, from TV to social media. However, one thing hasn't changed: people. People need to see ads for for them to work, and people live in the real world.

Today, Promote Indie is a marketplace connecting advertisers with people who want to advertise on their stuff and businesses that want to advertise in their locations. We advertise real products with real people! On one side, companies can determine where and how their ads are seen, and on the other side, people choose to host ads and get the word out simply by going about their daily lives.

Whether you're a normal guy who owns one car or a business that owns 100 locations, you or your company can make more money by letting your favorite brands put an ad on the side of your car, in your restaurant, or on something else that you own. The sky's the limit - get creative!

If you have any questions, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you! inquiries@promoteindie.com